Aline Mare

Aline is available for studio tours. Los Angeles area. 

Artist Statement

Using the illumination of the scanning machine as an original light source, I use digital scanning as a contemporary interpretation of the 19th-century photographic process of cliché verre, literally a Greek phrase meaning, “glass picture”. The distinct layering of image and sensory background amplifies the direct beauty of the natural object as it interfaces with technology in a kind of modern hybridization of an historic photographic process with hand drawn painting and original photography.

Each piece is an amalgam of images that are scanned, altered, painted and recombined to create a rich layering of sources. Biological and urban objects are fused with mark making, photo sources, and digital media to generate a poetic language where systems of generation and communication are linked to form a new syntax. I am attempting to capture the spirit of a place by finding objects - roots, seedpods, the wispy cloud-like cotton that carries the seeds of the Kapok tree, Joshua tree flowers and other fragments of living systems. The eroded objects become talismans; charged artifacts of past habitations, bleached and fractured from the sun and loaded with a subjective charge. Each tableau is a theatre set where time becomes the actor-- both giver and destroyer of life; a space where quiet mysteries are revealed.



Aline Mare

Pod Cloud


24" x 36"  

($2000 on metal) ($1800 on paper)