Snake Queen Night

Snake Queen Night


Crazy and colorful, this watercolor painting by famous animation artist Sally Cruikshank is sure to surprise and delight you. An Aztec looking duck or maybe she's a lizard, with snakes for hair, grins at you in front of a Peruvian background with capybaras and a cormorant all sharing the wacky scene. Unique and beautifully rendered. Measure 8" by 7 3/4" on larger paper. Arches watercolor paper, signed, unframed. Compare to the daytime version of this picture, Snake Queen, also on Etsy.

This signed watercolor painting by Sally Cruikshank will make you want to stay on dry land. 

The image measures approx. 9" x 12", painted with M Graham fine quality paints on Arches rag paper which is larger than the image. Unframed, shipped with care in a new wardrobe box.

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