Artist Protest Signs Wanted!

Washington DC January 21, 2017, "When Justice Becomes Law Resistance Becomes Duty."

I think it would be a great time to move to Barcelona. On the other hand maybe it is time to stick around and fight for our democracy. Perhaps all of us are vacillating between hiding out and fighting tooth and nail to protect our rights. LOL Washington D.C. Women’s March 201 (Sign above states “When Injustice Becomes Law Resistance Becomes Duty”)

The Republicans partly due to the Tea Party influence is in the process of  dismantling every good system, laws, mandates and programs that were set-up to help bring us a better life here in America.  So far the Republicans have been successful with their cabinet selections and their control of the senate and congress and a shrewd greedy president.

Due to the crackdown on our civil liberties and our basic human rights, I have come face to face with the reality that we are at a loss for rational governance.

Because I work with artists I have decided to focus on inspiring artists to use their talents to counter punch the injustices. Over the course of the next four years or more, we will all be humiliated in one way or another by various departments of our country. We must be on the offensive to the people that would like to oppress the righteous course of actions.

As talented artists, my hope is that you will create signage ideas for others to use. I can post the signs on the Julie Rico Gallery website. People will be allowed to download the image to print themselves or buy a hard copy of the image that will be mailed out to them. The sizes I can print out are 8.5″ x 11″ and 11″ x 14″ and 16″ x 20″. If people want a hard copy sent to them there will be a charge of between $20.00 and $60.00 depending on the size. The artist will receive 50% of the retail price. If people want to print the image themselves, they will be sent a link to download the image for $5.00.  Shipping is paid by the consumer. The download fee the artist will receive $3.50 of the $5.00 for each download sold. All accounting will be provided to the artist upon receipt of the sale.

I need a jpg of the image at 300 dpi or a large image size at 72 dpi, I can create a larger 300 dpi image from that. Please send your full name with your address and phone number and email to along with the jpg of the image of your sign. Also, the original size is good for me to know too. I will promote the page to other organizations that may need help with signs. Also, once this is launched I will donate 10% of the profits to a worthy organization.

Additionally, I am seeking an exhibition space for a one-day event for our next meeting.