Brain Pool Artists on exhibit in conjunction with the Indigenous Film Festival.

Brain Pool is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Indigenous Film Festival and Tiger Moon at Art Share LA in the arts district of downtown L.A.

Ten artists will be contributing to the exhibition of Protest Art in conjunction with the Indigenous Film Festival. The art show will be up from Friday, March 24 the first day of the festival thru that Saturday. 

Feel free to buy tickets to view the amazing films from around the world on Eventbrite. Here is a link to the entire 2 day event lineup: 

There is a wonderful meet and greet gala for the filmmakers and the artists on Saturday, March 25 from 8-10PM. There will be a jazz band, a bit of food to shore up your energy. Open bar for the first hour. Second hour is a no-host bar.

Artists exhibiting: 

Richard Ankrom

Mariel Fink

Michael Flechtner

Nikolas Soren Goodich

Kyle William Harper

Curt LeMieux  

Mike Saijo & Girlfriend (Name to Come) 

Sandra Vista

Margaret Von Biesen

Mike Saijo