PRINCESS SPUTNIK - 1998 by Mark Ryden

PRINCESS SPUTNIK - 1998 by Mark Ryden

  • Very Rare

  • Please inquire for price Price shown not correct

  • Being Sold by Original Owner

  • Giclee on canvas

  • Gilded teak wood frame, hand-carved in Thailand

  • Signed by Mark Ryden Artist Proof 1997

  • Purchased at Porterhouse Fine Arts

  • 23” W X 39”

  • #14 of an edition of 25

  • Value is between $20,000.00 and $30,000.00 depending on who you talk too.

"I believe to get ideas you have to nourish the spirit. I stuff myself full of the things I like: pictures of bugs, paintings by Bouguereau and David, books about Phineas T. Barnum, films by Ray Harryhausen, old photographs of strange people, children’s books about space and science, medical illustrations, music by Frank Sinatra and Debussy, magazines, T.V., Jung and Freud, Ren and Stimpy, Joseph Campbell and Nostradamus, Ken and Barbie, Alchemy, Freemasonary, Buddhism. At night my head is so full of ideas I can’t sleep. I mix it all together and create my own doctrine of life and the universe. To me, certain things seem to fit together. There are certain parallels and clues all over the place. There may be a little part of Alice in Wonderland that fits in. Charles Darwin, and Colonel Sanders provide pieces. To me the world is full of awe and wonder. This is what I put in my paintings." - Mark Ryden

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