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Michael Baroff (painting)
Abstract painting
Jean Jacques Bastarache (painting)
Surrealism. Presently Jean is getting ready for an exhibition. If you are interested in works by Jean Jacques Bastarache please check his name to get on the get on the wait list for acquiring paintings. Please indicate if you would like to be on the mailing list for his upcoming show.
Michele Boyer
Rafael Buñuel (etchings, sculpture)
Bruce Cook
Stella Dottir
Representational painting
Kyle William Harper
Low Brow Art/Pop Surrealism
Peter Liashkov (paintings, commissioned portraits)
Representational portraiture
Aline Mare
Mixed Media Abstract
Linda Sue Price
Abstract Neon
Jane Szabo
Fine art photography
Collectible Art
Much of this collection is located in the home of a prominent interior designer in Long Beach. Let's go check it out if you like some of the work shown.

Julie Rico Gallery 

Feel free to give me a call to touch base regarding any art projects you have in mind.

Although I do not have a physical gallery space any longer, I still represent artists. Artists are eager to meet with you about their work.

Things I can do:

  • Select art for your project

  • Take you to visit artist’s studios

  • Write about your art

  • Create press releases for your art show

Feel free to use this contact form to check the names of the artists you like from the list adjacent. You can see all of the artists listed in separate pages on the Home page.  

Visits typically will be scheduled for a 4 hour day and we will visit 1-3 artist studios. 


Thank you for your interest and support of the creative mind.