Potatoe Lying Down Print CR.jpg
Potatoe Lying Down Print CR.jpg


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All of the prints are done on archival paper with ink that will last hundreds of years. It is a great value for you to purchase one of these prints that looks extraordinarily like the original painting. XOXO 

For years I have been advocating that artists create cheap art products that any consumer could easily afford. I realized this in 1993 when working with Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Robert Williams. They created mass produced products such as stickers, posters and books. They relied on popular culture to help them survive as artists. And it worked! Robert Williams created Juxtapoz magazine and the low brow art movement became a giant in the art world. Really, people should buy art because they like it and want to support culture.

Below is a Manifesto created by the Bread and Puppets group out of Glover, Vermont. 

The Why Cheap Art Manifesto

People have been thinking too long that art is a privilege of the museums and the rich. Art is not business! It does not belong to banks and fancy investors. Art is Food! You can’t eat it but it feeds you. Art has to be cheap and available to everybody. It needs to be everywhere because it is the inside of the world. Art soothes pain. Art wakes up sleepers. Art fights against war and stupidity. Art sings Hallelujah! Art is for kitchens! Art is like good bread! Art is like green trees! Art is like white clouds in blue sky! Art is cheap! Hurrah! “


Archival prints are available only.

Sizes are approximate may vary depending on original image size. 

8"x10" : $50.00 comes matted

11" x 14": $60.00

16" x 20" : $140.00

Artist, Jean Bastarache

Size: approximately, 14" x 11" oil on canvas (Sold)

*Please note that a square is placed in the center of the print as a color half-tone layer with the a copyright logo is placed on the top of this image. Your archival print will not have a copyright mark or the squares half-tone. 

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