1992-1995 Julie Rico Gallery 2623 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA A huge effort that spawned numerous art careers and helped the Pop Surrealism movement take hold. Shown in the picture above is Ed "Big Daddy" Roth (left) Greg Escalante (center) Julie Rico (center) Stanley Mouse (right). This was the Master Finks Showdown exhibition with Robert Williams too. Special thanks to Greg Escalante for hooking us up with Ed and everything else. I guess Doug Nason helped too, WOW! Please note the Black and White Card is from the first gallery effort from 1988-1990

1995 Lollapalloza Tour, Produced, The Mean Art Tent, Julie Rico, Art Director for signage and the touring gallery.

1996/7-2000 The Rico Gallery 208 Pier Ave. Santa Monica, CA This gallery was generously donated by the artist Manfred Menz. Thank you Manfred! It is a long story. But sure wish we were still there. The most memorable exhibitions were by Peter Liashkov as seen in the center picture and the Alex Grey show and the History of LSD by Mark McCloud.

2005-2010 Weeneez and the Red Dot Gallery and Bistro. The coolest and craziest idea to support art was Weeneez. I presented lots of amazing exhibitions in both spaces. The front restaurant was selling hot dogs to support art and the back space was a formal gallery with beer, wine and fine art. The work showing above in the Red Dot is by the artist Youn Woo Chaa.


The Julie Rico Gallery was founded in 1988 in Downtown Los Angeles with local artists. This on-line gallery continues the original intention of the gallery, to support creatives. Please join us in our efforts.

Thank you to the artists, the collectors and all of the people (there are a lot) that helped in all of the Julie Rico Galleries designed to support artists. 

A recent article on Julie Rico for Pop Spoken in Singapore:


Welcome to the virtual Julie Rico Gallery.

Here I present rare works of art for your new or burgeoning collection. Connect your heart with an artist’s heart.

Take a look at each artist's bio page and their separate product page. The product page (Buy Art) will allow for an instant purchase. The bio pages will provide a more in depth look at the artist's background as well as their inspirations. 

Make sure you take a look at Jean Bastarache's Bio. Jean worked with me on 3 of the retail gallery spaces in Santa Monica and in downtown Los Angeles. There are some more great stories on his bio page. We did a lot together. All of the artists presented are fascinating so I hope you get a chance to visit each artist's page. 

2005 LA Art Fest a giant indoor/outddoor art and music festival Julie Rico, Director and Producer, Special thanks to the following people Joel Bloom, Brian Tortora, Mary Milelzcik, Egg, Doug Rimmerman, Brian Stotesbury, Madamemoxie Monikah, countless artists and performers and LARABA. There were 4 stages, a 25,000 square foot building filled with art. A 5-acre lot with giant outdoor sculptures. It was an amazing scene next to the Sci-Arc building in the Arts District of Downtown L.A. A super special thank you to Sid Carter.

Below are Julie Rico Gallery Projects from concept to build-out to realization.


Exhibition at Rico Gallery for artist Lama Lhanang