Jean Jacques Bastarache “Still Life” oil on gesso board 12” H x 16” W

Jean Jacques Bastarache “Still Life” oil on gesso board 12” H x 16” W

Ed Big Daddy Roth Prints Sold at Auction through MECUM CATALOGUE

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Artist: Mark Ryden (See collectible art section.)

Artist: Mark Ryden (See collectible art section.)

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Jean Jacques Bastarache in studio.

Jean Jacques Bastarache in studio.

Julie Rico being interviewed for MTV Canada on tour as the art director for Lollapalooza 1995.

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Since 1988 the Julie Rico Gallery has forged ahead with the help of artists, collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Let's continue on the path to support culture thru art. 

Julie Rico is writing about her galleries. Additionally, she is writing about work by artists that interest her. Below check out a couple of articles she wrote for the on-line magazine Arcade Project Zine in NYC.

One of the exhibitions at 208 Pier Ave in Santa Monica, RICO GALLERY.


Art Reviews by Julie Rico for Arcade Project Zine NYC :

The Real and Imaginary Bridges of Los Angeles Jan. 1, 2019

In The Belly of the Beast

Exciting news Mecum Auctions auctioned 5 prints from the series Jean Jacques Bastarache did with inimitable artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Rare one of a kind prints with markings from Ed will be in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Auction was held August 4. See the article and prints pg. 88-91.