Michele Boyer

We presented Michele’s documentary at the Getty Center in the Herculeneum room yesterday. We were thrilled to be in the company with the great architect Richard Neutra with his son Dion. The documentary they presented was on their house in Roatan. Michele’s film was well received by all. You can see the video below:

Go here to see Michele's work.

Michele is available for a tour of her storage unit that contains her large body of work. 

Michele Boyer is a Los Angeles-based sculptor. Michele spent three months a year for 23 years sculpting in Pietrasanta, the sculpture center of Italy, where she rented space in marble-carving studios, bringing her own sculpture tools and buying the marble of her choice. The time she spent there infused a mediterranean sensibility to the work.

Themes in the work traverse subjects like the family nucleus to aspects of intellectual pursuits.  The abstract in nature is presented throughout her collection. Collectors include: Penny Marshall producer, actress, director, Zza Zza Gabor actress, Stanley Black: Businessman, philanthropist, collector, the Jewish Home for the Aging and many others. 

Michele works in many styles: contemporary abstracts, busts, figures, stylized figurative, and in diversified mediums: clay, bronze, alabaster, and marble.

She also worked in foundries casting bronze from clay models, using the ancient lost wax method. The rest of the year she continued these practices in her own studio in Los Angeles, modeling clay and carving marble in small and large-scale formats.

Becoming a sculptor was a natural extension of Michele’s prior life as a dancer.  She danced in Movies for iconic choreographers such as Onna White (Music Man) and David Winters (Viva Las Vegas) and many other choreographers, in addition to many Television Shows for over 20 years. She also preformed in Musical Theatre. Prior to coming to Los Angeles, Michele was a showgirl in Las Vegas during the "Rat Pack Years" when Las Vegas was a small town. The nightclub shows had a few dancers and many famous stars. Michele danced at the Desert Inn with Frank Sinatra and the Riviera with Liberace, Harry Belafonte and many others.  She also toured with Johnny Mathis and was part of Donald O’Connor’s nightclub act.

Michele was born and educated in New York, where she studied costume design and the theater arts.  Her professional dance career continued while being married and raising her three children. Her transition into sculpture became as obsessive as her dance. She has studied sculpting at Every Woman’s Village, Northridge College, Barnsdale Art School, and Scottsdale Artist School. 

Michele Boyer's career as a dancer took her to Las Vegas and Hollywood. 

Michele has created a large body of work comprised of different kinds and colors of marble and bronze sculptures with various color patinas, which complement each piece.    


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Michele Boyer

Untitled Abstract

Black Portoro Marble

29"l x 20"w x 9.25d"