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Michele Boyer


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The Town Center Art Space located at the Westfield Valencia Town Center 24201 Valencia Blvd, Valencia, CA 91355.

Runs from February 23 till June 21, 2019.


One of the exhibitions at 208 Pier Ave in Santa Monica, RICO GALLERY.

Currently Julie Rico is creatively writing about her galleries. Additionally, she is writing art reviews. If you are an artist that is off the beaten path kind of person let Julie Rico know about your show or work. You might see her pop around to review your work. Below check out a couple of articles she wrote for the on-line magazine Arcade Project Zine in NYC.

Jean Jacques Bastarache “Still Life” oil on gesso board 12” H x 16” W

Jean Jacques Bastarache “Still Life” oil on gesso board 12” H x 16” W


Collectible Art

Works by various artists, privately owned. 


About Julie Rico Gallery

Art Reviews by Julie Rico for Arcade Project Zine NYC :

The Real and Imaginary Bridges of Los Angeles Jan. 1, 2019

In The Belly of the Beast

Exciting news Mecum Auctions auctioned 5 prints from the series Jean Jacques Bastarache did with inimitable artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Rare one of a kind prints with markings from Ed will be in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Auction was held August 4. See the article and prints pg. 88-91. 

Ed Big Daddy Roth Prints Sold at Auction through MECUM CATALOGUE

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Since 1988 the Julie Rico Gallery has forged ahead with the help of artists, collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Let's continue on the path to support culture thru art. 

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Something in the Air  Oil on Canvas  12"w x 14"l  by Artist Jean Jacques Bastarache

Something in the Air

Oil on Canvas

12"w x 14"l

by Artist Jean Jacques Bastarache

Jean Jacques Bastarache

Jean Jacques Bastarache

For more on Jean Jacques Bastarache

Jean is unavailable for studio tours. He is preparing for an exhibition later in the year. 








Perspectives  by Artist Michael Baroff


by Artist Michael Baroff

Michael Baroff

Looking Inward-Beyond the Horizon-A Clear Vision


Metascapes explore the transitional space between realism and abstraction where a dream-like inner meditative quality can emerge. Metascapes are certainly, on one level, seascapes, and yet again they are not, for the images are created without reference to any actually viewed scene, and the horizon line can be perceived to be the illusory boundary for what may be above and below the surface of our awareness.



Brine pickles fresh, organic produce from local farmers in California. Even our spices are fresh. Just because pickling is a preservation process doesn’t mean you can use dried-up thyme or week-old asparagus that’s already a little spongy. We want to give our customers crisp, crunchy and delicious pickled vegetables and fruits. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and prove that pickles don’t always come in a green or red variety.


Batch :
No. 2

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"The new pickle."

— Postprandial Magazine

Batch :
No. 3

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California natives Petra Frenkel and Gordon Byun are passionate about pickles. Gordon was raised on a steady diet of kimchi in a traditional Korean family. Helping his mom make the spice mixture and prepare the vegetables, he learned from the best. Petra blames her pickle obsession on her parents who migrated to SoCal from New York. Dissatisfied with the L.A. pickle ecosystem, her parents made kosher pickles at home. Petra became a bit of a pickle-snob, but thinks that everyone should eat delicious things, so it’s really more of an egalitarian snobbery.